peaceful nun

human interaction

There are certain connections between two people without the necessity of talking. This lovely woman was my company for breakfast and lunch at the meditation centre. Due to the slow moving it took about an hour for each meal and reaching towards a dish required the opposite passing on the food. Eating, preparing the plate and also pouring tea for the other became a shared ritual. Here and there a gaze and a honest smile.

I didn’t feel the same energy with the others at our table and as she didn’t appear one day a feeling of solitude raised in me. Meeting again was a beautiful relief. There was something so peaceful about her, making me calm and happy. Her movement elegant and at ease.

The day I left I took her aside, asked if we were allowed to talk by gesticulation. She nodded and as I told her I was going to leave.  Her smile vanished. Her face was sad and she looked deep into my eyes. I complimented her on her peacefulness and said my goodbyes, realizing then she didn’t understand the language. She said her goodbyes in Burmese and I guess much more. Her eyes teared up and we bowed respectfully and thankful towards each other.

I will never forget you, my peaceful nun.

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