street food – the real taste of a country

the real taste of a country

Every country has their differences between wealth and poverty and with that a food culture that developed around it. Specific dishes that represent a country, herbs and individual ingredients that are used in a certain region, from pricy restaurants to simple street food.

However the global influences and the needs of tourists has had its influences on the menu. The tourist areas serve food that is either an attempt to copying western dishes or local dishes that are satisfying enough to the visitors palate. Why can’t we just appreciate the true taste of a country, its dishes from rich to poor?

I try to eat as local as possible. Best case scenario is a place with no english menu or dinner at locals home. Trust me you will be surprised of the taste which amazes by the stimulation of the unknown. If your stomach can handle it, these new sensations create a high amount of dopamine. If not, well start getting used to it!


















































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