21 days | plant based diet

plant based diet – challenge #1 ( 29.04.17 – 19.05.17 )

The 21 days challenges are about doing something for 21 days, that will have a positive change to my life. It is either an interest of mine, a new hobby I want to learn whatever comes to my mind. By doing so 21 days in a row, I hope to create a new habit.

Since I arrived in Panama, I have been very strict about a plant based diet. 21 days in a row I will try all kinds of salads, like fruit salads or some nice veggies for lunch.

On my Instagram account you will see 1 picture everyday of inspiring natural plant based salads or mueslis.  They are experiments and trying out the possibilities here at Eco Venao with waste reduction and local organic food. Our permaculture farm has many ingredients I get to incorporate. After 21 days I will finish this post with all pictures and recipes that I liked best.

Alongside with my lifetime challenges I hope to create a healthier lifestyle for myself and help others seeking for the same. Follow me on this 21 day challenge and write in the comments which challenge should come up next.

day 1

  • watermelon (cold)
  • avocado (cold)
  • pear (cold)
  • nuts (cold)

day 2

  • porridge (hot)
  • apple (cold)
  • chia (cold)
  • peanut butter (cold)

day 3

  • porridge (hot)
  • pear (cold)
  • peanut butter (cold)

day 4

  • permaculture mango type 1 (cold)
  • permaculture mango type 2 (cold)
  • chia (cold)
  • peanut butter (warm)

day 5

  • banana (hot)
  • porridge (hot)
  • cinnamon (hot)
  • mango (eis cold)
  • chia (eis cold)

How I feel?

Day 11 and I am feeling real energetic. I had a small crash after 5 days, as my body was adjusting to so many things. It felt like a complete cleansing of the body, and still I woke up every morning for a sunrise morning yoga. My energy is getting more every day and my body feels real strong.

days left

11/ 21


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