Who’s thoughts are these?


Thats me.

And honestly, I never wanted to be a blogger. I was never that kind of person to share my life on social platforms. I don’t have any writing experience and my english isn’t the best anymore. I have always been a little scared to share information on the world wide web. So why am I doing a blog?

Society has shifted. Almost everything and everyone is connected via internet these days, and it never bothered me. I talk a lot about society though. Where it’s at and where it’s going. About the human mind and its character. About happiness and individualism, bitterness and dissatisfaction. Everybody talks and think they got it figured out. I’m not different but I want to be. If I want to have an impact in this world I will have to interact and be a part of it. After my research I realized the potential in networking, the negative and especially the positive. People can do things they are good at, share it with the world, find others with the same passion or help others learn about it.

I wan’t to take part and share my passion. I wan’t to live my passion and my interests and feel the dopamine rushing through me. I want to take you on this journey of different lifetime and short period challenges. As I travel the world, I want to change many things about me. I want to live zero waste no matter where I am and many times it will be a struggle. I want to become a yoga instructor and finance my traveling by sharing this passion of mine. I want to learn all the benefits of cooking and a plant based diet and while so focus on a reduced waste kitchen. Wherever I am in the world, I will share my advances and transformations. My emotional focus will shift, my body will change due to diet and fitness, my mind set will open and grow stronger as I focus on a more sustainable lifestyle.

I would love to share these ups and downs, inspirations, passions, thoughts, experiments, research, information and especially the happiness that comes along with it. I strongly believe that by living a healthy lifestyle, reducing our over consuming habits and living more sustainable, we automatically become happier.

dopami_e stands for the dopamine|happiness within yourself. Dopamine for me. Dopamine for you.


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