project #2 – re- culture kitchen

Have you ever cooked on your vacation? Have you been wishing to have your nice spices with you and some fresh herbs? And what about the little garden behind your kitchen? Some freshly picked tomatoes or some chills would be nice in my dish.

Here in Panama, where I am currently staying at a Reforestation Resort and working at the reception as a work away traveler. I live at the resort and get to use the kitchen every day, where I am currently trying to be vegan. The Permaculture Farm we are working with sell their freshly picked mangos, eggs of their chicken and handmade soap. Once in a while, when ripe, you can find a Papaya to add to your shopping cart. In addition to this, food trucks come buy to sell their fresh fruit and veggies twice a week. It is a lovely place to spend my time and incorporate a zero waste lifestyle. Their are still some products which I can’t purchase without plastic wrapping, however this is the minimum so far while traveling. So I cook a lot and I spend time in the kitchen, lots of time. And I want more time!

Cooking for me is a passion for many years now. Over the time I have tried many dishes and was always interested in whatever local herbs, spices, dishes were about. Currently since my arrival in Panama I have been cooking vegan dishes. This not only reduces my amount of waste, but also is a way to find out if this plant based diet is healthy for me. Truly it isn’t as convenient as it could be, cooking at Eco Venao. However there is a huge potential, to not only work together with the Permaculture Team incorporating their farming and sales with the kitchen, but also to use the compost made by cooking, as well as including information of a sustainable lifestyle. Once the first rearrangements have been finished, I would like to start to focus on a more zero waste kitchen.

I would love to cook with all the spices and herbs, without producing a bunch of waste on the way. Follow me and this first of hopefully many projects at Eco Venao.

Along my blog there will be daily pictures on Instagram of my story at Eco Venao.






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