And then it started.

A sunset, a beach, the ocean.


My element.

A forrest, the animals, the sounds.


My home.

A mind, a body a soul.


My story, my thoughts, my diary.

May 17 2017.

An idea, a design, words.

A blog.


My new post was going to be something special, this I knew. And as I started typing in my thoughts, finding my workflow, using the energy this place has to give me, I decided to tell a story. A hippie story.

Where to start? What to wright? How to begin?

I don’t really know, I just type and it happens. I know not more than you do. The curiosity is my initiator, my perfection an ambition. I think this is a chapter, a chapter of my travel, a chapter of a journey a chapter of a challenge. I do not know where it takes me but I am fucking excited.

Currently, Panama is where I have pinned the map, to be precise, at Eco Venao. I came here for some work, some inspiration, some opportunities. An opportunity to focus on my passions and goals. I came here for nature. Sustainability, natural surrounding, a peaceful mind. Leaving Myanmar, Nepal and Germany behind me, I was ready for a new chapter to begin. I guess it started here.

Creativity. There is something about connection between nature and design, nature and art, nature and music. Within nature muse is not far and creativity has no limit. I think I found my muse here within Eco Venao. The words flow and my motivation is at its peek.

Photo by Niclas Zana – NZ Photography 



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