Our Nature.



Mother nature.


Have we forgotten?

Eco System.

Impact, sustainability, and ecological footprint?

Pollution, waste and destruction.




To whom it may concern, these are only a few thoughts of mine when thinking about our nature. We are destroying our environment and forgetting about the beauty pure nature has to offer. While traveling we might be able to remind ourselves, but once back within the crowded city, we easily distract ourselves by man made beauties. Here in Eco Venao I am enjoying the nature to the fullest as I remind myself everyday of our impact in this world. Especially when it comes to water. I am shuttered while my thoughts wonder about how polluted its is and how clean it should be. Water, a necessity of life, many humans don’t seem to care about.



Circle of life.

Beauty of life.

Beauty of nature.

While here I am collecting ideas on how to make people aware of their surrounding. Incorporating my yoga with nature is a good way for me to be present at a moment. Sharing my yoga with others reminds me of the beauty within the individual. Triggering others to be thoughtful about nature is my hope of creating awareness. I have started to invite guests to my yoga sessions and have asked them to help me collect stones for the yoga deck. I also asked these personalties to collect trash on the way, leaving it up to them how much and for how long to collect. Today I gathered my treasures that were left for me at the doorstep. I have started to redecorate the deck and am looking forward to the next piles of stones and trash.

Beach Cleanup.






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