It’s always about the food.



We eat, we live.

We hunger, we starve.

We enjoy, we love.

We need, we rush.

We taste, we judge.


I love food, thats for sure. I try, I test, I cook, I share and I experiment. Over the years of traveling I have always been open minded to the tastes this world has to offer. The spices, the herbs, the vegetables, the fruit, the meat, the grains, the combinations and the tastes. Each country has its tastes and so does a culture. The land, the weather and the people working together, creating diverse dishes and experiences.

It is often an adventure. A new taste isn’t necessarily bad or good, it is just new. Being raised always to try whatever lands on the plate, and being able to say no once tested, has evoked a passion for food. As time passed, I trained myself to eat many things. Also various health and fitness diets have attracted my attention. With people in my surrounding getting sick, healthy nutrition has become more important over the years. Today, next to my growing sense of environmental impact, a plant based diet seems to suit me best. And as traveling became my life, cooking with local ingredients is a journey to be followed. The kitchen as a new home, creating new dishes and reducing the waste along the way.

My intention with these words and those that will follow, is to remind you of the dopamine that comes along with food. If we become more aware of what we are eating, where it comes from, how much work and time was behind every bite, and that we are blessed to differ in taste, food will make us really, really happy.

Stop seeing food as a necessity but as a gift of life.

A kitchen.

A challenge.

The recipes.

The tastes.

The dopamine.


Happiness within food.


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