Beach Clean Up.









After observing Playa Venao I made a decision. I wanted to answer my questions. I wanted to create awareness. I wanted to make a change. I decided to pick up trash everyday for the next 21 days.

A new challenge.

21 days.

While picking up trash of all sorts, I will stumble upon some real beauties. The stones at this beach reflect natures hues, while to my delight, incorporate my favorite colors. With these I decorate the yoga deck. A personal project of mine, beautifying the shelter for my daily yoga.


My personal yoga has become something I have recently started to share with others. As I am at a starting point, I have asked my guests not to pay but rather help with the beach clean up. An exchange basically. Yoga for Karma. Yoga for Donation. Yoga for Clean Water.

And after 21 days?

In my theory of 21 days I will possibly create a habit, which in the future, will be a part of my everyday life. My intention is not only to change my habits, but maybe those of others. Creating awareness instead of simply accepting the trash.

No trash in my world.

A decision.

A goal.

Perhaps a lifetime challenge.

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