Zero Waste.



Zero Waste?

Correct Waste?

Our consumption coexists with waste.


Right consumption?

Reduce consumption.

Reduce Waste.


Out of my perspective there is no wrong in consumption. We all like having something new, something precious and admirable. Things that represent us. Things that remind us. Things that comfort us. The only question is, do I need it? Do I need this?

Considering this question for every purchase is a simple way of reducing material things in our lives. Secondly, questioning the sustainability behind the product is a simple next step. Reducing the need afterwards is the hardest part. What do I need?

These thought have been wondering my mind for quite a time now, and this year has been a changing point. A change of mindset. The title zero waste is only a fashionable name given by and for a great community. My interpretation however basically questions my way of life. Reducing compulsory consumption and adding value to non materialistic things. By having less, we shift our focus to having more. Having more time for others. Having more time for our body. Having more time for our thoughts. Having more time for our happiness.

Focusing on a sustainable consumption has been a guidance to what I really need, while working together with what local nature has to offer. This guideline has also pushed my creativity. Finding alternatives to a 21st century lifestyle and creating ways of reducing waste. Ideas on reusing waste. Learning on how to take from but also give back to nature. Within the last months this lifestyle has brought me closer to nature. Every further step into this direction, I feel, makes me happier day after day.


A question.

A question to add to the list.

A final question.

The question.



Zero Waste Alternatives – to be introduced soon

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