An element.

The element?

It surrounds us.

It is within us.

It makes us,



Only earth and water can bring forth a living soul.

It starts with water.

It ends with water.

Life on earth due to water.

A dependancy.

A necessity.

A coexistence.

And yet, we forget, we destroy and we take as granted.


It is hard to grasp water in not only the physical but also the theoretical aspect of it. It is soft, gentle and kind. The flowing movement evoking pleasant emotion within us. It is strong, powerful and destructive. The power behind water can be challenging and underestimated. It merges with the elements combining and empowering the energy on earth. Phasing between liquid, solid and gaseous it takes numerous forms of matters. Unpredictable at first but most researched at present. Existing within every moment and surrounding it irresistibly is our companion of life. A necessity of life.

We need water.

We waste water.

When it comes to water I feel at home. The ocean has always been a remarkable part of my life and my thoughts. When it comes to water I feel happy and embraced. Swimming, floating and diving with a feeling of elevation while being surrounded my mass at the same time. When it comes to water I feel sad and hurt. The unnoticeable damage we are causing shutters me and others. The noticeable damage dosen’t shutter enough. When it comes to water my thoughts are endless. Sinking, drowning and lost while asking how much destruction can we do? How much further will we go? When will we stop?


Stop destroying.

Stop being unaware.

Stop ignoring the facts.


Start caring.

Start mattering.

Start being aware.

Start now.


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