10 zerowaste toiletry alternatives

beauty is health

This world, full of beauties and wonders, has so much to offer. Breath taking landscapes, healing flora and fascinating fauna. Over the years people have forgotten about nature. We live in our apartments in a big city with nothing more than a flower vase or some herbs in the kitchen. Some have pets, some go for a jog in the park, some may go on a beach vacation for once in a while and the least go on a longer outdoor trip.

This is all whats left for the most of us. And what is out of sight is out of mind.

It isn’t surprising that we are careless with our environment since we don’t see the direct impact our actions have. It’s not like you would throw away another plastic bag and see the ocean full of plastic the minute after. However we know the facts – or at least those of you reading these lines. We need to remind ourselves every single day that we are a part of the problem and of the solution. It is up to us to make a change. We should stop making nature fit into our fast and artificial world but start adapting our necessities.

When it comes to zero waste toiletry items it is not only about reducing your trash but also paying attention to the substances in your products. Reducing your packaging will eventually make you start doing your own products. Once you have started doing your own, you will start questioning the substances in other. It is about beauty but it is also about health. Putting a bunch of chemicals on your skin can’t be healthy and the long term effects are unknown. Be aware of what you use and especially where it comes from.


10 alternatives

This bamboo toothbrush, from the german brand hydrophil, can be purchased with a matching bamboo travel case. A natural product which lasts you 3 months and can serve later for tools in you flower pot. (As soon as I reuse it I will post some options and pictures.) The toothpaste tabs are good if you are traveling different climates since it  doesn’t change its consistency. However if you have access to a fridge I would recommend doing your own. It saves money and you know whats inside. I just like mixing baking soda with double the amount of coconut oil. You will get used to the salty taste after a while and if you like you can add some peppermint essential oil or any other that suits a toothpaste.

travel tip: Put the case standing up in you toiletry bag. This way you can easily put and grab your toothbrush even if it is dark in the dorm and you don’t want to switch on the lights.


Dental floss made out of bees wax is a great alternative to keeping the space between your teeth nice and clean. There is really no big difference to using a regular one and it even comes in a little glass container. I bought mine from unverpackt-mainz and when its done I can just buy the floss to refill my container.


Coconuts are amazing, not only is it delicious in our food as oil, milk or the fruit itself, it also can replace many beauty products. I use coconut oil for cooking of course but I also have replaced many toiletry items with this super product. It is in my body lotion and toothpaste. It serves as a sunscreen. It helps with dry hair and skin. I use it to whiten my teeth. (oil pulling) There are many other things you can do with this super product.  I filled the coconut oil into this leak proof metal container from kleankanteen.

travel tip: Put it in the fridge  and when you need to use some just warm up the amount needed.



This self made body lotion is a recipe I won from Lauren Singer and her website trashisfortossers. This mixture of coconut oil, shea butter, almond oil and cacao butter receives its beautiful smell by adding some orange essence. I made this lotion in February and filled it into this leak proof metal container from kleankanteen. It has lasted me 5 months so far. However, due to the moist weathers I have been traveling, my body didn’t need that much lotion. I like recommending this recipe and container. They do their job and it smells amazing.

travel tip: Put it in the fridge here and there. It doesn’t melt as fast as coconut oil though, so if it isn’t to hot you will be fine.



This balm made out of hemp and other beautiful products comes in a metal container. I use it as a face moisturizer and lip balm. The best thing about it, when I finished it I can reuse the container for some self made lip balm. Excited to try out the recipes already. Bought this at grinskram in Germany, a store that focuses on zero waste and natural products with many more nice things out of hemp.



On my travel I only brought orange essential oil and tea tree oil with me. The orange essential oil replaces my perfume and can be added into lotions or soaps. Tea tree oil is a super product that helps for all kind of infections. I used it to cure my infection of the tonsils and use it here and there for facial spots. There are many more benefits from tea tree oil as many internet sights talk about. The links will give you more information about tea tree oil and where I buy my essential oils from.



Seriously use soap! I have been able to buy soap in every country so far and after some patience even found them package free. Currently I am using the home made soap from our perma culture farm at Eco Venao. You can find a diversity of natural soaps that are less irritating for skin and smell amazing.

I use reusable cotton pads to spread out the soap and scrub the body easier. You can mostly buy these in packs of ten and just toss them in the machine or wash by hand when used.

travel tip:  put your soap in a glass jar with the cotton pad you are currently using. This way, even if you are in a hot country and the soap melts, you can still use it with no worries.

Hydrophil has designed cotton sticks made out of bamboo. I think this is amazing and doesn’t need more words.


A menstrual cup can save you so much trash. This female hygiene alternative is weird at first, but once you get used to it, its as easy as tying your shoes. (Pay attention to use the products with BPA free silicon.) It has also helped me analyze my menstruation. We girls know that our body can be strange when traveling and eating different food. I know now what is normal, and if my body is not acting how it is supposed to, I know it has either been to much stress or something in my diet doesn’t suit my body.

travel tip: If you don’t want to boil off in the common kitchen, take a glass jar and fill you water bottle with hot water, and clean somewhere privat. Just put the diva cup in the jar, fill it with hot water and close. Throw the water and add new. Repeat this 3 or 4 times and you should be fine.


This alternative has surprised me. It is very easy to handle and does a good job with just one razor blade. I purchased it in February and am still using the blade. Just clean it with water and let it dry well before stowing it back, so that the cling doesn’t rust. Also, what a nice design, much better than a plastic shaver right?


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