Concentrated, excited and creative.

Dancing, laughing and enjoying.

Smelling, seeing and tasting.





Aware of the food.

Aware of the tastes.

Aware of the presentation.

Aware of the seduction.


Cooking, for me an art, a meditation and a passion. Within a state of mind, while exploring the tastes of the world and the details of ingredients, I am fully present. I am present at the moment and aware of the particulars. Where does this fruit come from? How many tastes can I activate? What can I use of it? How will I present it? How will I make a new creation?

And then I cook.

I just start and create as I go. I never know exactly what will happen. Sometimes I stick with the first idea and sometimes I create something completely different. I love the new, the rush and excitement. Surprising and challenging myself while succeeding and failing. A taste is not necessarily bad, just different but if its good, its fucking good.

At Eco Venao inspiration is not hard to find. The jungle has a beautiful diversity to offer and the permaculture produce surprises me again and again. All I need to know, is it eatable? I try and then boom, my mind goes fucking nuts. This is an exciting chapter and I can’t wait to stand in the kitchen and let the dopamine rush trough my body while cooking.



Jamaican Flower Syrup

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