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Sadly, these words seem to exist in our vocabulary, however not so much in our everyday mindset. Being ecological, being a nature lover is considered being a hippie. But why is having an ecological mindset so abnormal? Nature is natural and aren’t we all natural? Shouldn’t we instinctually love nature and where we come from? And yet the society we are living in, a creation by man kind, is everything but natural. Starting by the food we eat and ending with the lifestyle we live, it is all far away from nature, at least for most of us. We focus on having more, being better, comparing ourselves with others within every breath we take. We forget how much nature can give and help us, how much we are taking and how less we are giving back. It seems like nowadays being ecological, being sustainable and loving nature is only a trend. The new cool, the new hip the new how we are supposed to be.

While questioning the trend behind these communities, I am seeing the opportunities these trends bring us. A trend is a simply a design, a design for others who don’t understand the trend. Sadly we need the design. Luckily we can use design to do good. Yes, we can influence people but mostly we can inspire. Design as a tool but the lifestyle as an inspiration.

I feel the necessity to jump on this hip train and use design as my tool to market a concept that should be, that could be our everyday virtue. It will be someday a trend within everybody, this is my strong belief and my hope. If this means, by definition, me being passionate about nature, respecting it and being aware of the problematics, I am considered a hippie, than I am glad to call myself a one.

After realizing this, I understood that I can use the knowledge of my previous experiences and help others design their means of inspiration. Working together with the individual definitions of eco and the global understanding of design, I can help improve the eco concept. Here at Eco Venao, I am hoping to show and learn about my abilities of designing and creating an eco concept.


by a Hippie.

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