for the ocean

Let’s work together saving of our world.

If you have any ideas, thoughts or suggestions for anything that could help my dedication to cleaning the ocean, I would be delighted to share. I have been collecting the trash at the beach for a period of time now and currently decided to spread the cause. I am planing on doing bigger Beach Clan Up events in the future and use the trash collected, to not only share the information with the ocean conservancy, but to design new creations. Also I am happy to share the knowledge I have collected about waste produce and reduction and teach how to reinterpret and design out of material others consider useless.

This is my current task and I would be glad to make it yours.

How can you help?

Clean beaches.

Pick up trash.

Avoid litter.

Reduce waste.

Reuse and be creative.

Inspire others.

Perhaps you might have some words to say and share. Perhaps you might have some information that could be useful. Perhaps you are a designer and want to work with me on new creations. Perhaps you have some nice tools or products. Perhaps you have a similar project and want to collaborate. Perhaps you hands are tied but you want to donate. Be a part and make a change.

Support me. I am happy for every support I can get. Be creative, think of a task and write me an email or leave a comment.


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